Be lucky with the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Suertres Luzon Visayas Mindanao 3D Lotto – tips, angle tables and syndicated numbers

How to use’s angle tables

(Prepared by the site administrator on January 6, 2013.)

By way of illustration to help our users interpret the angle tables provided here, we are going to use the tip sheet for January 4, 2013:

tip sheet jan 4

At the top portion are the results for the previous day’s drawings (January 3, 2013 – 841, 730 and 959). Right below the results are the completed angle tables based on the provided uncompleted angle tables on January 3, 2013 tip sheet.

Now, if the January 3, 2013 patterns will be repeated, our angle tables for January 4, 2013 would be like this:

jan4 suggestions - Copy

As you can see from this, the following were the predictions for January 4, 2013:

  • the digits 6 and 5 are supposed to come out on the A.M. draw (the third digit, marked by a question mark, could be any digit from 0 to 9)
  • the digits 7, 4 and 1 are supposed to come out for the P.M. draw
  • the digit 8 is supposed to be the first digit for the evening draw (the second and third digits, marked by question marks, could be any digit from 0 to 9)

The results for January 4, 2013 were 5-6-4 (A.M. draw), 0-4-7 (P.M. draw) and 8-8-6 (evening draw).

jan 4 results

There is, of course, no guarantee that the patterns will be repeated. The Suertres results are drawn by lottery. Alistu only provides guides based on his hunches.